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Friday, January 30, 2009

No Excuses

I hate whiners, so I won't even try. Besides, I well remember lessons from Lou Perez (my major advisor and favorite professor in college) that generally one gets the things done that are important. Sooooo.... I've been doing stuff and not so much on the computer.

I went to a spinning class at John C. Campbell Folk School, learning with a true master of textile art and science, Judith MacKenzie McCuin.

My head is full of new information and I'm working hard to teach my hands!

Yeah, I know. I had just returned from JCCFS the last time I blogged. Suffice to say I get inspired when I'm there!

Then I joined my Alabama fiber-loving friends on the Florida Gulf Coast for a 3-day spin and fiber fest.

I've been making yarn.

I'm still making yarn.

I'm washing fleeces. I've designated February as fiber processing month here in the Luinstra/David household. Mostly because the Luinstra half is on his way to Arizona, where he will spend a month on the Colorado River. So I can create fiber mayhem around here and no one but me has to put up with it.

Except Diana, who regretfully had to miss most of the Florida spinning fun. So she's taking some time to come here later in February and we'll have a dye fest. I have to get enough fiber off the guest bed for her to sleep, and make sure to keep the trail open to the bathroom. But I'm working on it; that's why it's such a mess right now!

I've been working on Fair Isle stuff.

Other knitting has happened, too. Maybe some pictures soon.

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At 9:44 AM, Blogger tonni said...

FINALLY!!! Welcome back!!! What kind of fleece is in the tub? Do you wash in those tubs or in the machine? So, you don't take the time to separate the locks? It looks wonderful on the drying racks. Maybe I just need to wash my entire fleece like that rather than trying to separate the locks... hmmm... am I wasting my time separating? Share your secrets.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Sandra D. said...

The fleece on the rack is different than the fleece in the tub. And it's just soaking in the tub; I'll wash after it's soaked a day or so. Lock wash or not depends on the fleece and how I intend to spin it, too. I'll e-mail you!

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Lovely yarnz! I keep saying I'm gonna spin today, then something happens and I don't. Argh.


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