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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sadie Best Dog Ever

Sadie is a Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix. She's so smart she amazes me. But my point isn't to try to prove how intelligent she is, just trust me. She's also affectionate, loyal, obedient. All the things a best dog ever should be. But she's more - she's also a nurturing and caring individual, and that, in my mind, puts her a cut above the rest.

Sadie was adopted by my friend D from a situation in which she was sadly ignored, her potential unrecognized. D, being the superb critter mom that she is, has brought out the best in her canine friend. And that best includes Sadie's willingness to help others of her fellow critters. When D later adopted Lucas from a Doberman rescue group, it was Sadie who helped teach Lucas not only manners, but that life with D was not a threat. She helped train and calm him. And when a waif of a kitten made its appearance near their home, it was Sadie who adopted the needy child and convinced D that it was worthy of her love and attention. Sadie is a most remarkable dog, indeed.

But Sadie has a problem. A torn tendon in her left rear leg, most likely the result of a too eager chase of the tennis ball at some point (her favorite game). Despite that, she's a lucky dog. Because D is willing to provide the surgery necessary to fix Sadie's leg. And then to rearrange her life and schedule to provide Sadie with the necessary care for eight longs weeks of recovery. Sadie and D will begin their 8-week journey on Thursday. Please send them your positive thoughts.

I visited D and the critter children over the weekend. And I'll tell you more about our yarn shop hop and knitting adventures next time. But I discovered the multidirectional scarf pattern, and also found some fabulous yarn with which to try it. See.....?

The yarn is Alchemy's Synchonicity. It's pricey, but an oh so lovely blend of silk and wool.


At 10:44 AM, Blogger Terri said...

I have 2 dogs myself a black Lab and a rescued Dalmation. Our Lab tore his ACL one year and had to have surgery and then a full cast on his leg. The next year he did the same thing to his other knee. The surgery is very expensive but I would pay it again in a heartbeat because dogs really are kindred spirits.

I have my Camp application all ready to be mailed too. Just waiting for the 6th.


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