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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Help Me Help Bob!!

Bob was my brother's cat. My brother passed away last weekend, rather suddenly as a result of complications from pneumonia. Now Bob is in my care until I can find him a good home. Please help if you can, either by considering adopting him, or spreading the word to others who might be appropriate new parents.

Bob is a neutered male with all his claws. I think he's about 7-8 years old, and he's a huge fellow. I can't actually weigh him, but he's probably in the range of 25 pounds. He's lived alone with my brother his entire life, and I know he won't "show well" in a shelter, or do well in a household with other animals or children. Which might make him a bit hard to place.

But he's a sweet guy, once he gets over being skittish about a new person or surroundings. I desparately love this fellow and would adopt him myself if I offered the right environment. However, I already have a house full of girl kitties and it wouldn't be a good situation for any of the animals.

If you can help me, please leave a comment. Bob and I are currently in Charlottesville, VA. I am willing to deliver him to surrounding state areas to the right home. I am pretty picky about him getting a loving new home, so please don't be offended if I ask a lot of questions first. Bob is the most important thing my brother left behind.

Sincerely, Sandra