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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stuff I've Been Working On (and some finished)

The middle of Sarah's quilt. Borders yet to go, but I'm closing in on it. DL keeps calling it another UFO. I'm calling it a project from the stash almost complete. We're having it machine quilted.

Shetland wool yarn. Take-home fleece from two previous spinning and dyeing classes at the Folk School. This worked well with the new draw Lucy showed me last week: a sort of modified woolen draw, still drafting against the twist, but pulling the new yarn toward the wheel with my forward hand. I have had problems with underplying, so some of this is a bit overplied. But I'm pleased with it.

Northern Lights, sunset colorway, from Louet. I spun these singles on the new Lendrum. I struggled to find the right drafting technique, but finally settled into the same one as for the Shetland and it worked quite well. It may not be obvious, but the size of my yarn is more consistent in the bottom two groups of yarn than in the top 3, though it's still a bit overspun. I should have used the slow whorl. But the problem, and the ONLY problem with the Lendrum, is that the regular flyer, on the slow whorl only, makes quite a racket. I'm in correspondence with my vendor about that. But I loved the Northern Lights and will be spinning more of it soon I hope.
These are skeins that I'm very pleased with. Left to right: Corriedale from spinning class, brown and white wool, hand carded and some blended, Navajo plied; Coopworth with a little natural dyed Corriedale, flicked and then drum carded, singles spun long woolen draw; Winter Sunset roving from Deb Cline, Lincoln and Coopworth blend, singles spun long woolen draw.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Mother's Little Helper

Terry actually spends more time in my sewing chair than I do. It's her favorite daytime nap spot. So she's reluctant to give it up when I need it.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Under the Troll"

Stash Out of Control:

Stash Under the Troll: (that's Nancy-speak for "under control" - thanks Nancy!)

I got the guest area cleaned up before Creek Week, expecting company afterwards. No company, but I'm much happier with the space down there anyhow. I got rid of some things (de-stashing), but stowed, reorganized, and rearranged others. Guests can now actually use the bathroom to do something besides wash wool, and they can get to the beds without hopping over fiber.

I've been having difficulties loading phots lately, and it seems our internet connection goes down at inconvenient moments, too.