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Monday, February 11, 2008

They Serve Us Well

Fiber people know how valuable a good guard dog is. And animal people know how valuable a good dog is, in so many ways. So it's heart breaking and maddening when such animals are abused. And folks who love them can't just ignore that.

Jack, a Great Pyrenees, has been rescued. He must have surgery. It's expensive. Every dollar helps. I chose snail mail rather than PayPal for my small contribution, so inquire if that's your preference. And if you make a contribution after being directed there by my blog, I'll send you some nice sock yarn from my over abundant stash. And if I have colors you like, I'll try to accomodate you. Just let me know in the comments that you made a contribution, and sock yarn will be yours.

You can read about Jack here.

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