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Sunday, April 06, 2008

How I Did It

"It" being the button closure on my green vest, photo originally shown in my Jan 20th entry. I had a request for further information, so I hope these photos will help.

This is the closure, fastened but pulled open a little in order to see the loop inside.

Here's the front unfastened and folded back, showing the crocheted loop sewn on the inside right, and the greenish, though clear (I know it doesn't look clear in the photo, but it is) button sewn on the inside left. The buttons on the outside are non-functional, purely decorative. It's the inside stuff that's doing the work.

We've had company, there's been rain and the rivers are running. So we've been paddling. Folks have been calling David to get information, arrange meetings at the river, and discuss options. We told him he should start answering the phone "Paddling Central" and he has! It's a hoot. Here's a photo of the doorway between our living room and kitchen last night: 6 drysuits all hanging to dry out for another day on the river.

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At 9:55 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Isn't it great whent he weather lets you get out again to do the things you like? As opposed to things y ou don't like, such as shovelling snow. For me anyway.


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