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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fiber Slothdom?

Lest anyone think I have devolved into fiber slothdom, I have things to show you. Not big things, not "alert the media" type things. But I HAVE been doing things with fiber over the last couple of weeks.

First, preemie hats for a boy. Friend of a friend; hospital only had white and pink hats. Friend knew where she could remedy the situation, and appealed to me for some blue by golly hats! So here they are. And send positive thoughts, too. The little guy is just holding his own.

Finished socks!! For Jenny. They went into the mail. From Austermann Step, in the "whiskey" colorway. I loved working with this yarn. I found the color repeats and combinations a little surprising, but they were fun. These are "Dobby" socks - can't have two alike!

Great American Afghan. Ha, didn't know I was working on that, didja? It was a spur of the moment inspiration. The new LYS started an Afghan Club in August. I decided I need an afghan, and meeting other knitters twice a month is appealing, too. Even though I am generally a solitary knitter, I like to connect once in a while. And support the LYS because it's great and deserves my support. And knitting help is free and unlimited to club members. The pattern book was included, too. Sooooo..... Encore, bright colors. Three squares so far; red and blue post blocking, pink just finished. The blue square will have some knitted trees on it - I was just waiting for the ordered colors to arrive.

Spinning. Rudimentary first efforts. I'm learning..... This is a full spindle; fiber included in Nancy's Knit Knacks Learn to Spin Kit. The bottom of the cop decided to start falling off just as I was done. Plying is next, but I'm afraid the new yarn will live on the spindle until I return from our raft trip on the Colorado (not the BIG Grand Canyon trip, but a shorter one from the usual take-out at Diamond Creek down to South Cove in Lake Meade).

David is rowing his cataraft; I'm riding. Not used to riding a raft on the Colorado, and sort of looking forward to it. My previous 4 BIG Grand Canyon trips have been paddling my kayak, and I'm such a big water weenie that it was always a bit stressful. No stress this time.

Finally, short row heels have kicked my butt yet again. I'm learning to install a lifeline. I'll get it sooner or later, I know it! But until I do, I keep making some stupid mistake that I can't recover from without ripping. I do the first half just fine - it's the pick up the wraps second half that beats me. Here's the sock, about to try again on that second half of the heel.

And that's all for a while. I'll be gone having all kinds of fun. Thanks to Kari's heads up, fiber fun will include attemtping to get a pair of Socks for Soldiers knitted on the trip. With 14" cuffs, I need lotsa luck. Think positive thoughts on it, please!


At 7:03 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Keep trying the sock heel, you'll get it eventually. persistence is the key! You go girl!

At 11:17 PM, Blogger Kari said...

The finished socks turned out quite nicely; they just look fun.

I've never done short row heels on a sock before. Be sure to post a picture of the heel when you are finished so we can see what that looks like. I've done short rows on a dishcloth and a baby blanket.
Anyways, I really like the yarn! The colors are great.

I'm glad to hear that you joined Socks for Soldiers! Right now i'm about a third done with the foot part on my first sock. I'm making a men's large and the sock just seems huge, lol.

At 10:29 AM, Blogger Terri said...

Hi Sandra, That was sure nice of you to knit the preemie hats. They are adorable! He socks are nice too!

I was just checking in to see if you are back from your vacation.


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