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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Love New York!

Really. Totally unexpected. And in no small part because I had such good shepherds - Liz and Mardi. Mardi lives in Manhattan and Binghamton, Liz lives on Long Island. They met me in the City and we "did" the yarn thing all day.
I was surprised that the trip itself didn't cost a whole lot more. And when the Super Shuttle van let me off at my hotel, the New Yorker on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets, I was delighted to find a McDonald's and a Starbuck's right across the street. I would survive, if nothing else. That made me relax, as did the fact that bellmen weren't hovering to handle my meager luggage (no tips to worry about), and the knowledge that Mardi and Liz would be meeting me in the morning.

The city was easy to navigate. Of course, having my two new friends to show me the subway ropes helped tremendously. But I walked (wanting to get the lay of the land and the mood of the city) from my hotel to Rockefeller Plaza outside the Today Show, where I understand the knitter's were seen on television. I wasn't jumping up and down in front of the cameras, so I'm not certain I specifically was seen on TV. But anyway, it was a crazy, touristy thing to do - standing around out there, knitting in the cold. And it was cold. Mardi and I finally gave it up and headed back to my hotel to meet Liz, grabbing a little breakfast in the lobby while we waited.
Liz was right on time, and had a day-long subway pass for me; bless her! So off we went to begin our "yarn crawl." By the way, in my previous post-New York post, you see Mardi (black glasses) and Liz next to the Yarn Harlot sign, as well as flanking Mason-Dixon Knitting's Kay in Central Park.

My rule for yarn shops was that I would buy nothing I could obtain at home or easily on the internet. School Products first

(I bought lace weight hand painted cashmere, and some yak/merino blend; strange, but there is was and very soft when knitted up). We climbed the stairs and had no sooner entered the store when the building experienced a fire drill. Luckily it wasn't a full evacuation drill, and was of short duration.
Next to Habu Textiles;

very different sort of place with more exotic fibers. Small, intimate, oriental. Nothing grabbed me there, so I managed at least one stop without making a purchase.

Then onto the subway toward Central Park, and a quick stop at Zabar's for my souvenir:

Mardi made me promise not to stop and enjoy the frangrances of this unique and interesting grocery near Central Park, because we were due at Strawberry Fields for The Sock Shoot at noon. So, coffee was purchased and we boogied, getting to see The Dakota along the way. I didn't take nearly as many photos as I should have, The Dakota is a gorgeous old building.

Stephanie was there with the traveling sock, of course.

My previous post has the sock shoot at the "Imagine" mosaic.

After Central Park it was on to Knitty City, where I found some lovely and interesting yarn and spent too much money (but still following the rules!). While we were there, Knitty City received their copies of The Book.

Then The Yarn Company, one more project using the store's own pattern, free with purchase of yarn, and free shipping as well! (I asked that all my purchased be shipped, so I didn't have to worry about them in my luggage on the return trip.)

Late lunch at the Popover Cafe (check out the size of the popover on Liz's plate!)

before heading back down to the Fashion Institute of Technology and The Harlot's book launch event.
The trip was wonderful. I had a fun mini-vacation, made some new friends, and decided Manhattan is a place I'd like to visit again. Thanks Liz and Mardi!

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At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Liz said...

Yeah, even though popovers are hollow, I still couldn't finish it...or the tuna sandwich. It was all delicious, though.

It must feel like Christmas with all your NY yarn arriving.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Kari said...

Sounds like a neat trip! What is with that yarn place with the baskets on the floor? Were there only baskets on the floor like that? A few like that would be fine...but it needs some shelves...or something on those bare walls. Well i guess maybe it's the look/atmosphere they are aiming at and trying to be different from other yarn shops.


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