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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Visiting the Frogs

Looks like no steeks this weekend! I've knit the last three rounds on my vest with the wrong background color, so I'll be frogging that instead. I just didn't engage my brain when I sat down to knit this evening. And tomorrow we'll be paddling, and possibly Monday, too. (We got lots of rain the last couple of days, and we want to take advantage of it.)

But I did get some other things done today. I decided to abandon the last Baby Surprise. I've made two, and lost my incentive to finish the third one. They were fun to see how the strange shape turns into a jacket, but I don't need to make any more. So I dumped the partial one and will make a charity scarf from the remainder of the acrylic yarn I was using. Or maybe a sweater for granddaughter #2 at some point. So I'm free of one more UFO!! I figured if The Yarn Harlot could abandon a Baby Surprise, so can I. (That reminds me - I'm going to see her next Thursday in Nashville - I'm really excited about that!)

I also experimented this morning with techniques for making flying geese units, settled on the one I used before, and started cutting the squares for my "Spring Migration" wall hanging. It's a design as I go project. I found that I can only rotary cut for so long. More squares another day.

Soooo, for something to see, I decided to show you David's latest quilts for the granddaughters. I think they're stunning, and he had fun making them. He really is getting good at making quilt tops, and he's certainly more prolific than I am! Gillian has her own twin bed now, so needs a special cover from Grandpa. Annabelle is still a baby, so needs a baby sized quilt.


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Grace said...

*gasp* Those are gorgeous quilts!! Lucky grandchildren!


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