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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Boys n the Tub

Scott invited us to spend the night at his place after paddling on Saturday. Rather decadent. Karol had already showered, so passed on the hot tub, and I chose to keep my knee boo-boo dry. So the guys didn't have to rotate or share. Can you tell they were hating it?

Left to right, David, Scott and Don.

Karol, quite the cook and kitchen maven, got her kicks a bit later using the electric, lighted pepper grinder!

Rene asked if I take my knitting on paddling trips. So here I am, knitting the second "Harlot" Koigu sock in front of our tent. My normal mornings begin with coffee and knitting. Camping mornings are often the same. I seldom go anywhere without my knitting bag, though usually the traveling projects are my generic favorite socks.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger rene said...

Coffee and knitting is the best way to start any morning! Your view in that picture is definitely better than my normal morning view. :) I'm guessing you pack your knitting bag in ziplock for these trips?

Speaking of views, that's quite the awesome location for a hot tub. Sounds like it was a fun trip.

(And I'm due in September. July and August, here I come. :P )


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