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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meg Swansen's Mini-Camp

Last year, when I randomly did NOT get into Meg Swansen's First Timers camp, I was really bummed. What a blessing in disguise.... because she held a mini-camp the first weekend in May and those of us who didn't get into camp were guaranteed a spot. Small group (only about 20 of us), spring in the Upper Midwest (it was my first trip in that direction), and a time that was way more convenient for me than mid-summer.

Meg is an incomparable teacher, and the workshop logistics couldn't have been better. With Amy Detjen as assistant and exceptional "camp mom," and a visit from Joyce Williams whose work is so original and inspiring, I knew I was in knitting nirvana! It was a small, warm, fun group and I learned way more than I can enumerate. I went with two goals: (1) understand how to deal with the "color jog" that occurs when knitting in color patterns in the round and (2) gain enough of an understanding about constructing a garment that I will feel confident to design my own vest. I met those goals, and got so much more! And in some cases, it wasn't new information (I had heard or read much before), it was having Meg show or explain in such a way that the light went on in my head. It was being guided to think, look, and understand. It was unforgettable!

And guess what else? We got to SHOP at Schoolhouse Press. The actual physical place! No, I won't show you what I bought (mostly because I've sorted and put it away and don't have time to drag it out again for a photo), but as I use it and post photos on the blog, I'll let you know where it came from.

Our group was composed of wonderful ladies - truly talented knitters and just plain nice folks. For some reason I was totally unable to keep names in my head, though. Perhaps because it was so full of knitting and yarn? We had show and tell, though, and here are a few of my class mates strutting their amazing stuff. I'll post more on future blog entries.

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At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Liz said...

What a great experience. I'd love to go one day. Is it expensive? The show and tell pictures are beautiful.


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