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Monday, December 03, 2007

Spinning Again

Of course, after returning from a week-long spinning and dyeing class at the John C. Campbell Folk School, how could I not be?? I immediately began on the mountain of colored rolags from last February's class, which I had been hoarding until I was "good enough." Well, I got enough confidence from the recent class that I've decided I was being too hard on myself. So I worked on it last night. See the full bobbin of color??

Also, the lovely natural colored yarn on the right bobbin is from Orchid's fleece, which I brought home from my Viking spinning class last winter. I lock washed Orchid in net bags, then flicked the locks and I'm spinning directly from those without further processing. Very satisfying to do.

Here's the color from the recent class - slightly different, plus the addition of some lichen dyed fleece (that would be the whiskey gold color at the bottom of the photo).

The yarn I actually made while in class.

I practiced process, not production, but I really learned a lot. What I am really pleased about is this little skein of Shetland, with which I learned to Navajo ply!

OK, I didn't take any pictures while I was there--again! I've just been too caught up in the atmosphere to remember to pull out the camera.

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At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Liz said...

Oh, that all looks beautiful! I've had three lessons and I've learned so much. My yarn is getting more even and uniform. I'm getting there. I'll take some pictures once I get it washed and skeined.

This is all thanks to you, you know. You encouraged me to find the shop and lessons! :-)

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Kari said...

Oh that's neat. I've never spun before but that looks like fun!


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