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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vanity and a Surprise

Call me vain. I just couldn't let the previous hat photos stand. I had David take pictures today - they're better, at least of me. And of the top of the hat, too.
In the meantime, I've been looking through the photo album and find that I DID manage to get some shots of our local fiber festival in October! That was a nice surprise (but it doesn't say much about my short term memory these days).

Here are Susan (sitting) and Cynthia, Sheri and Treva (standing l to r) in front of the fashion gallery.

Jan, our needle felting artist extraordinaire.

Maria and Betty helping at one of the booths.

Members of the Kindred Spirits spinning guild.
And Judy Robinson demonstrating bobbin lace (there's going to be bobbin lace in my future!).
The exhibitors and demonstrators provided an informative, fun day for all who attended. Can't wait to do it again next year!


At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra.........thanks for the neat class and the link to your blog.....saved me some time as I thought I was so smart and put an a in front of your bog so it would come up first........wrong!! it didnt work........again thanks for being such a patient and great teacher........HUgs......Jane

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Liz said...

I like the hat, it's cute!

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Kari said...

Oh wow, I didn't even notice that the hat had a design on top too. That is cool!


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