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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Slow Going

No knitting pictures. The yellow toe-up Koigu is kicking my behind. Well, the toe of the second sock is. Can't figure out why - it's not rocket science and I executed the same toe and a heel on the first sock. Anyone who can see clearly and/or count should be able to do it. But it's beat me twice now. I think after David leaves for his weekend tomorrow, I will take said yarn and sock instructions to the basement, where nothing and no one (that means cats) will distract me until the second toe is DONE!

I have been making progress on socks for my friend Karol. Opal Rainforest Parrot. I was kinda lukewarm about this yarn for a while, but it's grown on me. I'll show you when they're done.

This little lady is at the vet. They believe she has pancreatitis. Sounds bad, but for a 16-year old cat, her prognosis is pretty good. I was expecting kidney failure or cancer or something awful. At least pancreatitis is treatable. Apparently she was feeling much better this morning. I'll know more on Friday, when hopefully new blood work will show improvement and I can bring Miss Cali home.

On a lighter note, even if I don't have knitting progress to show, I have some crazy new baggies and I even wore them to Knoxville to the dentist today. Baggies are my favorite summer long pants, and the fact that they don't rub and irritate my knee injury is a big plus. Aren't they lovely with the black Crocs?? You know, Crocs are so ugly; but they're so comfortable I have 3 pair: yard pair, camping pair (the black ones), and "dress" pair (navy to go with my jeans).

Last photo for today - I managed to get a shot of Summer, aka "The Grouch." She's probably wondering where Cali is (as are Baby Kitty and BC), but she's not complaining about having one less cat to deal with.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger rene said...

Thank goodness Cali's problem is treatable. I'll be thinking about y'all, and hoping she feels better by the time you bring her home. (Her dryer glamour shot is fantastic, by the way. :)

I keep hearing great things about Crocs. One of these days, i'm going to have to go on and get a pair.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Carol said...

I hope Cali does well. I had a kitty who went to the vet, had bowel cancer, they operated and told me she had 3 months. 18 mmonths later she is still going strong! Here's hoping for you!

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Terri said...

Hi Sandra,
I hope kitty will is going to be okay. Poor thing!

The baggies are a definite fashion statement. Hope your knee is on the mend.

You are turning into a sock machine. I really like the Lisa Souza Petal Lace socks.


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