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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Clear the Deck!

Make way, make way, for the return of........

But first: this is what my "knitting area" typically looks like.

A couple of knitting books, a Denise needle set, Ott Lite, yarn, more yarn, knitting gizmo bag, plastic box with spindle and pencil roving (yeah I know plastic isn't good but it'll do for now), pile of magazines and patterns, some of which are for WIPs, old and new, pretty little yellow box that, because of kitten-ish happenings around here, contains these:
and can be closed when not in use.
So, the deck has been cleared (the rest of the stuff is David's - not my problem).
Because it's time for the return of .....

I need space when I'm working on something like this, with a chart and my notes and directions. Now I must figure out where I left off, but I remember that I'm close, very close to finishing the front and the back is done! That means I should be able to proceed with designing the arms and finishing it.

Do you think this sudden urge to finish it has anything to do with me taking another workshop with Beth Brown-Reinsel soon? This year it's a Nordic Mitten Tour at the Folk School. But I began my gansey as a result of the workshop I took with her last January on 19th Century Sweater Design. I'm pretty motivated to show up in her presence again wearing my gansey.

Yes, I know. Felted clogs.... socks for Scott.... socks for David.... socks for soldiers. But I can't work on just one project! And this was completed today!
Babies and Bears Sweater for Grownups by Cottage Creations. A very fun knit. Now that I've made one, I'm anxious to give it another try. That orange Peace Fleece in the first photo - next Babies and Bears for me!
Post publish PS - The Peace Fleece looks red in the picture. It's actually a very orangish red. And I found my place on the Gansey right away - because I MADE NOTES!! I have a tendency to let projects languish for long periods (it just happens), so I've learned to keep careful records and hope I can decipher them when the time comes.


At 11:16 AM, Blogger Carol said...

wow! what an organized space! my crafting table looks like it exploded. Even after I clean it up, which I suspect, is a reflection of my personality type....


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