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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Green Diamonds and Mitts

Make that mitt - only one (anyone see a pattern here?). Seriously, now that we have some serious winter weather, my hands get cold around the house from time to time, and my right hand gets cold a lot when I'm mousing around on the computer. Carol made mitts, I've seen patterns for them, and a light bulb went off - "Aha, I need mitts!" I found Anns' Delicato pattern, which is pretty and would give me a chance to try out more lace knitting skills, a yarn that I haven't used yet, AND get warm hands. So I've done it. Here's the mouse hand mitt:

And NO, this time I did not copy the Yarn Harlot. I had purchased and downloaded my pattern, pulled the yarn out of stash, gotten the needles at the ready. It was only then that I saw Stephanie's post with her tale of knitting her alpaca Delicato mitt.

On to green diamonds. They're done. All 16 of them. Now to combine them with the blue ones and move onward to get this quilt top completed.

Tomorrow I must spin more of this:

in order to unload the spindle so I can take it with me for the weekend. I'm going again to the John C. Campbell Folk School for this fun weekend class on hand spindling.

And then a quick visit with Denise. I have Christmas treats for Sadie, Lucas and Oreo but due to a last minute change of plans, I wasn't able to see them at Christmas.
Some quick notes about the mitt. I think on the second one I'm going to use a plain K2P2 rib on the thumb, and not the fancy rib. Also at the top of the body, I'll use the fancy rib only on the top, and plain rib on the palm side. I got 8.5 stitches per inch instead of 8, but it fits perfectly, as I wanted it snug. I used Lucy Neatby's modified conventional bind off, which is comfortable enough, but if I want to spread my hand, it's slightly binding. I think I will try a different bind off on the second mitt, too.


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Carol said...

I love those mitts! And the colour...jus tyummy. Unfortunately, right now it is -15C here Don't know the Fahrenheit, but trust me..it's bloody cold! That means fingerless mitts just don't cut it. I pulled out my fake fur mitts this morning. And I only do that when it is COLD! Hmmm, well, it won't stay cold forever right? But I don't have any alpaca...Could go shopping...Hmmm... *stream of consciousness ends*

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Kari said...

Beautiful mitt and pattern! What is the pattern for the fancy rib there? (Just wondering if i could use that fancy rib on a leisure sock for Socks for Soldiers.)

I will look forward to seeing your progess on the quilt top.

A class on hand spindling? I'm jealous, as far as i know there isn't any classes on spinning around here. (But i am signing up for a quilting class for in March. :-)


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