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Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend's Work

I finished Joy's quilt:

I had it quilted by our friend and neighbor Maggie Porter. I made and sewed the binding on over the weekend, and it's ready to mail to David's mother by the end of this week. Her birthday is Feb. 7th.

I also got half of a very fun cardigan completed:

It's Babies and Bears Sweater for Grownups (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page if you follow the link) and this is my left half. This pattern from Cottage Creations is fun because of the unusual shaping - it begins at the garter stitch cuff, knit in the round. Then the sleeve is stockinette in the round, and the body is worked mostly in garter stitch. I saw Jane's version of this at The Yarn Patch last week and just had to make it, being the garter stitch fan that I am. I think I should have used one size larger needle for the garter - this may be a tad on the small side (re width), but the sleeves fit perfectly! It's wool and rather than rip, I'm going to hope for the miracle of blocking if it's necessary. And I'll definitely make this again.


At 4:20 PM, Blogger Carol said...

What a neat idea for a sweater. The yarn is really pretty too.

At 7:53 AM, Blogger Terri said...

Hi Sandra, It was nice catching up with all you are doing on your blog. I see you have lots of lovely WIP.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger Kari said...

Beautiful quilting! I'll look forward to seeing the finished cardigan.


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