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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Parrot Socks and Other Colorful Stuff

Ta-da! Karol's socks. The Parrot colorway from Opal's Rainforest collection. Note the un-matchiness. Do you think she'll care?

Our roadside wildflower patch. We resorted to this because it's annoying to mow between the fence and the ditch, and the roadside maintenance people don't do it often enough, or neatly enough, to make much difference. So of course, before I got the signs, they did a fabulous job of mowing the patch and scraping dirt in a few places. Thus the signs, in case they show up again this summer! I ordered more seeds to sow in the bare spots they left. David and I believe this is a successful experiment. Many of the plants are annuals, so we'll be interested to see how well they reseed themselves and what the patch will look like next year.

I may not get another post done for a while. Our paddling club's annual outing begins this weekend and will last for 9 days. I'll be headed that way soon I think.

So BC asked for another chance to say "hi!"


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Kari said...

Very cute socks. That is a good idea of planting wildflowers in the ditch.
BC is cute! :-)


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